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One Piece Film: Z Discussion

Herbert Playz

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So I finally watched the one piece film z. I typically avoid seeing anime movies which are based off popular series because in my mind they never happened. But I think I'm finally starting to come around on the issue.

Also One Piece is special. Its kind of like Lord of the rings in the sense that its all about the journey. It doesn't matter if what happens is canon or not, its just really fun to see the crew interact and accomplish their goal together.

That being said this movie is pretty straightforward. Luffy just keeps attacking the bad guy until he wins. He loses the first two face offs with him but on the third a final fight he manages to win some how. The ay they portrayed it, you almost get a sense that Luffy wins because he's fighting against a former admiral that is past his prime. I thought that was a bit of a cop out.

Still though this movie is a ton of fun for any one piece fan. I loved seeing Kuzan and his ice limbs he's still as "cool" 😅 as ever. Also Robin, Ussop and Nami in disguise squeezing information out of the marines was funny.

Whats perhaps most impressive though is that bad guy is a former admiral that has a seastone arm grafted onto his body. He's the ultimate cheat code. Its hard to imagine anyone with a devil fruit wining against him in a fight if he was in the mainline story. They would have to have a ton of haki. 

All in all the movie was just about what I expected it to be. So if you're like me and you haven't watched it yet, go check it out.

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