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Is Halo Infinite Going To Switch From The Slipspace Engine To Unreal Engine?

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So it has been reported that the Slipspace engine was light on documentation and pipeline maturity by windows central. Seems like this has caused some trouble for new staff at 343 and contractors.

I for one wouldn't mind Halo switching over to Unreal Engine if that makes the game easier to for developers to make new content and get it out the door efficiently.

What really boggles my mind though is that Microsoft doesn't have a go to engine for their first party studios. That would have been priority number 1 for me. IF I'm going to be developing tons of first party games and own a ton of development studios. It seems really important to have a proprietary AAA game development engine that was undergoing constant iterations and was readily available to ALL internal studios and any other developer that was interested in making games for my platform.

I'm actually surprised that all the major platform makers don't have a go to engine(with big name recognition) available to all studios and potential partners. That would seem like a way to get a leg up on the competition. But its especially concerning that Microsoft doesn't have one, considering their big pockets. 


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