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One Piece Chapter 1060 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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I love the start of this chapter. Right away we have Luffy screaming that Sabo would never do that! In regards to the news being reported that Sabo killed king Cobra. Nico Robin instantly agrees. As a side note I love how Robin almost always seems to be in tune with Luffy's feelings. The way Oda characterizes her is that she seems to understand Luffy more than anyone. Zoro comes in at a close 2nd but he butts heads with Luffy pretty often. Robin on the other hand seems to know exactly how to handle Luffy and seems to be in sync regarding his thoughts and feelings. That's part of the reason, I'm not a big fan of shipping Robin and Law😏.

I love how when Luffy says "lets go to marijoa" and Zoro second guesses him, Luffy immediately says "are you scared or something?"😂. Zoro immediately gets upset. I like seeing Zoro display some common sense for once but in this instance it would have been even funnier to see Zoro get so riled up by Luffys accusation that "he's scared", that Zoro starts campaigning to go to Marijoa even more than Luffy, like a challenge. From there the two of them would get angry at the rest of the crew for having a little more common sense a recognizing that it's a bad idea.

Chopper, Nami and Sanji being torn up about Vivi is priceless. Interestingly enough, Ussop is more sad about King Cobra. I would have thought that everyone would be feeling bad about Vivi. But I guess this is just Oda's way of showing us that the Strawhats cared about both of them.

Nico Robin telling Luffy that there are more names in the news that have a connection to him and asking if he wants to know is just another example of how well she knows him. The two of them are just laid back and calm about it. Luffy's like just tell me if its "really bad", to me, that's like saying just tell me if I need to go rescue someone. In hindsight though, I  find it curious that Koby's abduction by the blackbeard pirates wasn't put in the paper. You would have to think Luffy would at least be a little concerned. And to me that would register to as "really bad". At least bad enought to let Luffy know. So it is curious to me that Robin doesn't mention it at all. I would also love to know what Garp and Sengoku have been up to.

Robin's panels are always so interesting. When Luffy shares his real dream with the crew(not his dream of wanting to be pirate king) Zoro, Jinbei, Nami and Ussop are shocked to the point of near confusion. Brook, Franky and Sanji find it hilarious, Chopper is impressed and Robin is just stunned but seemingly in a good way. Later on, Luffy is like oh yeah, I forgot I never told you guys about this dream, only shanks, ace and Sabo.

We then get another panel of Robin on the same page, no other crew member but Robin reacting, she is leaning over intently while smiling and she asks Luffy what they said when he told them about his dream and he says they all just laughed and that Shanks had tears in his eyes. He says it in a calm peaceful way, with his hands behind his back. I don't know about you guys, but to me it sure seems like Oda drew these last few chapters on the ship with Robin and Luffy having some STRONG vibes passing between them. He doesn't make it overtly obvious, or show the rest of the crew reacting to it but often times when Robin is talking to someone when the rest of the crew is around she's talking to Luffy or reacting to him.

Lately Robin always seems to know the perfect thing to do regarding Luffy or at least already have a good idea of how he'll respond to something before she says it. I remember that scene in Wano right after they had beaten  Kaido and Big Mom. Robin had just learned that the ancient weapon Neptune is in Wano. Robin asks Luffy if he's interested in Neptune and he's like nahh. And she's like, "I figured that you'd say that". And she has this self assured look to her. I don't know I'm sensing some early makings of a romantic setup. Definitely something to keep an eye on. 

The discussion on the ship ends with the crew discussing the need to get to laughtale but the problem is they don't know where to find the last road poneyglyph. We cut away to navy HQ where big things are going down.

The navy was able to trace Sabo's call over the den den mushi. It seems like he didn't use a secure line. They've pinpointed his location to Lulusia. One of the 8 countries that revolted.  Sabo begins telling dragon that he wasn't the one that assassinated king cobra. And that the throne that is supposed to be empty actually isn't. And then seems to be cut off. As a side note I don't see how this information could have been kept secret for so long. But either way. They begin jamming Sabo's communication, the citizens of Lulusia see something in the clouds overhead. We see a panel of Lulusia on the map and then another panel of Lulusia being crossed out. Next thing we know, we see this huge light that appears to be shining down on the citizens. With this citizens looking up to see what it is.

Interestingly enough Sabo sees the light too. But it appears he's look up and to the side. He's not looking directly up. It gives the impression that he's not directly under the light. And then in an instant the light comes down, our perspective zooms out and it appears that the island is totally obliterated.

Now part of me feels like it was something akin to a nuclear weapon. The fandom thinks its "uranus" one of the three ancient weapons that has been talked about for years. I will admit that it does make sense for the the world government to be in control of the weapon. How else would they have gained control of the world. Having a huge deterrent like that makes sense.

However another part of me feels like it could be Imu's power. It makes sense that Imu would have an incredibly strong devil fruit. Some have specualted that its immortality, others have speculated that Imu can control the sea because Imu is Umi backwards and that means sea or ocean in Japanese. But what if it's something totally different. What if its some kind of sun fruit, star fruit or meteor fruit. The fact that the citizens could see a shadow in the clouds makes you think that it could perhaps be some kind of big object that was falling. But the fact that it seemed to be a bright light seems to dismiss that idea. At this point its honestly too hard to know.

But whatever the weapon is, Imu is obviously in control of it. It has to have some kind of recharge or limit to it. Also you can't just destroy an entire island and everybody just forgets that it ever existed. Also why destory the island in this way? Why did the navy do a buster call on the island of ohara. If Imu could do this, buster calls are pointless. There are a ton of questions here and I doubt we'll get any answers to this anytime soon.


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