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One Piece 1058 Review

Herbert Playz

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I get it. Placing Luffy in a cage and having Nami yell at him is funny. But with Luffy's newly established emperor standing it feels a bit over the top that he would be weak, battered and bruised locked up in a little cage. Especially after that fight with Kaido.

The only way that could make sense is if that cage were made of seastone but even then I don't like it. Jimbei just laughing about it and Nami turning around screaming at him to , telling him not to coddle luffy is gold though. It's particularly interesting because when she yells she's on fire! And Jimbei is like whoa is that supreme king haki?

Now me personally I highly doubt that Nami has supreme king haki. But with Luffy finally awakening his devil fruit which gives him the freedom to kind of warp the world as he pleases, it kinda makes me wonder if there isn't some kind of fruit affect happening here. It would explain how Luffy could be all beat up and could also explain the flames coming from Nami.

Franky is ecstatic to see how the Sunny was easily able to handle the fall and Zoro is just sleeping through everything.

This chapter is obviously a bounty update chapter. It's fun to see the crew react to all of their updated bounties. All of the reactions are cool but a few stick out to me. For one, the idea that Ussop's bounty is 500 million is ridiculous. All those years ago could you ever had imagined that Ussop would get this strong. I remember a time when Luffy's bounty was 300 million. I still feel like that version of Luffy could still easily overcome this version of Ussop.

Sanji being raging mad and sad at the same time over Zoro and Jimbei having a higher bounty than him is lovely. Zoro in particular just drives the stake through hie heart when he says "who cares what fourth place thinks"😅😅😅

What's even more interesting to consider is that Zoro's bounty is slightly higher than Jimbei. We all knew it was coming eventually. There was no way Luffy was going to be in contention for pirate king when his first mate wasn't capable of going one on one with other captains. But still its still a bit eye opening to actually see it happen in real time.

I actually feel like eventually Zoro is going to have to reach the ability to easily defeat a character on the level of Trafalgar Law. Now we know he's going to have to over come Dracule Mihawk one day, whose bounty is revealed to be even higher than Luffy's, which absolutely nuts considering everything that Luffy has done.

There is an idea that has been floating around that the world government is intentionally keeping Luffy's bounty low. I for one am inclined to agree. In the end, Luffy fought Kaido one on one and beat him and Law and Kidd fought big mom together and beat her. Neither of the battles were completely clean wins. Both Yonko had incurred some damage throughout the arc by different people. But I think we all agree that Luffy's bouty at a minimum should be higher than Law and Kidd's bounty. So I think Luffy is much closer to Dracule Mihawk than meets the eye.

Later on, its revealed that Buggy is an emperor of the sea and has created something called the cross guild. Mihawk and Crocodile are the real leaders in charge using Buggy as a figurehead.

Last but not least, as this chapter closes out we see Sabo calling Monkey D Dragon to set things straight about what really happened during the events of the reverie.



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