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Will GTA 6 Leaks Affect Development or Release in Anyway?

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I honestly can't imagine that it would. As long as the game's source code isn't completely compromised I believe GTA 6 will come out. Whenever Rockstar think its good and ready.

It's amazing to me how GTA 6 has taken this long to develop. Something like this was bound to happen. This is the greatest selling video game franchise of all time. The last game came out in 2013. Rockstar has been milking this franchise for awhile.

Even non fans of Rockstar or GTA would be curious about the next installment of the franchise. As a developer I'm sure you would have preferred that your work be seen in the best possible light and only revealed once you had some high quality footage to show. Maybe for a lesser franchise this could somehow affect how people perceive the game's development and potential quality. But this franchise has been far too big and far too successful for those types of concerns.

I predict that the release of GTA 6 will be even bigger than GTA 5 and that politicians will use it for political purposes as they always do.


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