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Black Clover Chapter 336 Review

Herbert Playz

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I've seen a lot of speculation that Asta is now in Yami's homeland based on that last panel I must say I pretty much agree with that. The question is how? Did sister somehow force herself to transport him somewhere far away? If so how come Lucius didn't realize it? Whatever the reason, whenever Asta finally comes back to fight Lucius I don't want him pulling an Aizen. Saying something like "I've been waiting for your return but your growth disappoints me I'm no longer interested."

I'd prefer it if Lucius didn't know, even though that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. It seems to me that in Asta's current state the only reason he lost was because sister got in the way. Lucius' magic had no effect on him and he could cancel out its area affect power as well, using his anti-magic.

So I suspect Asta's new training using Ki will likely be about augmenting his physical strength and boosting his speed and quickness so he can properly stand his ground against none magical attacks.

It sounds kind of weird to say that, considering that Asta is probably the most in shape magical knight in existence. Maybe Yami has something on him in strength but when considering his endurance, strength and speed I can't imagine any of the other captains are in his class currently.

Yuno definitely isn't close to Asta. And I honestly can't imagine how Yuno stands a chance against Lucius when Asta couldn't beat him. Anti magic is still greater than Star/Moon magic. And Yuno is nowhere close to Asta physically.

I'm very interested to see how the author structures Yuno's fight against Lucius sans Asta.


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