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My Hero Academia Chapter 365 Review

Herbert Playz

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Okay so now Shigiraki finally starts to falter a little bit. Poor, Lemillion he has the perfect quirk to be completely invulnerable but against people who have OP quirks, he could never truly beat them. He just doesn't pack enough punch.

Mirko is somehow still holding on. She is definitely one of the author's favorites. If she somehow manages to survive this I expect her to be promptly healed by Eri or Overhaul.

You know its amazing that out of all the users of One for All, it seems like they original holder never sought out a healer type quirk. Watching Shigiraki take so much damage makes you wonder how this was never prioritized.

At this point, I think we all understand that Bakugo is going to be saved. I'd prefer if we didn't spend anymore panels on it. Let's move things to the next stage of the fight for Shigiraki and All For One. Deku has been off screen forever and its past time we get some surprise back up support on the hero side.


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