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The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 Episode 1 Review

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This show is gorgeous. Episode 1 was all set up. There was a little bit of action but not much. I think that's all for the better. I've read the lord of the rings books and the simarillion(its been awhile so I don't remember much of the simarillion) and even I'm still trying to get myself oriented in this show.

Galadriel is obviously set up to be the main protagonist in this while Elrond seems to be in more of a supporting/ subserviant role. It appears that Elrond is still trying to find his voice in this part of the story.

I love the depiction of the Undying lands! Galadriel was about to passover but at the last second decided to stay that was cool. We all knew she had to stay. I loved the ceremonial garb and the coordinated disarmament of the elf warriors. I hope The Rings of Power continues to emphasize the worldbuilding.

The elf Ardonis is obviously in love with a human and seems likely to have the first encounter with Sauron or whatever other evil thing could be at work.

Last but not least, was that Gandalf that was hurtling through the sky like a comet and landed among the halflings??? I have a strong feeling it will end up being him. 

Oh and did I mention this show is gorgeous? 😅


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