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My Hero Academia Chapter 363 Review

Herbert Playz

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Its looking bad for the heroes! Of course this is just setting the stage for Deku to arrive and save the day but I have a big problem with that mainly because I remember Deku looking extremely ineffective in chapter 348 in his brief face off with Toga.

If Deku had any chance of beating All For One and Shigiraki, he should be able to defeat Toga in an instant or at least push her to the absolute max within 5 seconds of engaging in combat. Now he is racing to the scene to fight Shigiraki. Sure he should be able to stand in there and take some punches with the rest of them acting as support but lets be real. Deku was struggling with Toga. Someone that does not have super strength, that does not have regeneration, does not have flashy powers like that of Dabi or even some ridiculous human growth power like Shigiraki has now acquired.

Now of course Deku arriving on scene and seeing Bakugo just lying there should trigger some kind of quirk awakening. Will he end up puffing up like All Might? Who knows, but right now he has no chance the way he is.

Looking carefully on page 3 of this chapter Best Jeanist costume sleeves are cutt off. It seems like he's activated his quirk. Will he try to do some type of heart mending procedure on Bakugo? It certainly looks like it. But I feel like Bakugo would need more than that to continue on fighting. Perhaps, the procedure will just temporarily save his life. Its a bit over the top but...I mean who really wants to see Bakugo die? And if he did die, we definitely wouldn't want to see him go so early. It feels like there is still a lot of fighting left to do.

Also how in the world is Dabi still alive. All of this switching around in the middle of the fight makes it a bit hard to keep up with. But if I remember correctly Shoto had performed a new move on Dabi. At this point, it feels like Dabi is just a walking corpse that refuses to die. I guess he has to confront his father one last time.

In the last panel of the chapter, it seems like All For One is being regenerated! The bullets were supposed to rewind a person and take away their quirk powers but now it seems All For One has found a way to reverse engineer it to restore himself. That's a bit unfair, but if this is truly the case then we should expect that All Might's return to the battlefield shouldn't be far behind. If All For One can reverse engineer a bullet then Eri should definitely be able to restore All Might to his prime form.

Also once Deku engages Shigiraki, can you imagine Overhaul jumping into the fray to get some revenge and possibly reassemble Bakugo? There are a lot of options still on the table.

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