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Is Master Chief Holding Back The Halo Franchise?

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I don't know about holding back the franchise, but an argument can be made that Microsoft solely focusing on Master Chief's journey without creating other characters of significance, is a missed opportunity to expand the Halo universe.

They started to do this in Halo 5 but in my opinion just took it the wrong direction. Players don't want to stop or capture master chief they want to do other cool stuff on the same level of a master chief. I mean think about solid snake and Raiden.

It would be much cooler to see Master Chief in action maybe even assist him on some missions than it is to hunt down and capture master chief(who is hunting down Cortana to stop her). The Halo universe should be getting bigger and bigger over time similar to how a long running manga or fantasy series really opens up as the years go by and more content is created.

Instead Halo has always felt a little too small to me. I think we really need to ditch the Halos so we can move on in the Halo universe. I say have the humans create some kind of new tech and give it to the UNSC so we can still have a legitimate reason for calling it Halo if that's what the issue is. But roaming around these small maps because we can't get transportation out or because we are on some critical mission is holding the worldbuilding back.

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