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Westworld Season 4 Episode 8 Discussion

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They must be saving all the answers for next season because the season finale really fell flat for me.

Delores being trapped essentially in the matrix without realizing it could have been a bigger surprise but for some reason they didn't really set up the reveal enough for it to have a bigger impact. I knew the roommate was extremely odd but I didn't quite understand her purpose. Teddy showing up kind of gave it away but the idea that she is just subconsciously creating all of these characters to rationalize her own existence was just not very wholesome. We spend a lot of time with her and the finale feels like it was mostly for nothing. She doesn't do anything significant in this season.

Hale basically choosing to opt out after all her grand planning and scheming seems absolutely ridiculous. She's not going to spend all that time and bother with transcendence only to just change her mind at the last second and basically decide to self-destruct. There was no reason for her to go get that gun which Bernard had laid on the ground. She could have easily finished off the man in black host while he was standing at the control panel. Instead she starts running around hurt.

Bernard's death is still incredibly fishy to me. Bernard and Maeve had plenty of time to go up there stomp the floor pull out Delores  and destroy the tower. As a matter of fact it seems like it would have been better if they all moved as a group to accomplish this task first. Had they done so, the men in black would have had no chance to create total chaos by ordering everyone to kill themselves. Hal would have transcended which would have made her a none factor. And the group could have easily handled the man in black before moving on to rescue Caleb.

At the very end of the season we are led to believe that there are only two humans left, the last host has ended her life in the real world and Delores is holding some type of grand tournament(Mortal Kombat?😂)in the sublime to determine if humans and AI are worthy to go on living? It seems to me that Delores(Hale was also Delores) just won again. 

But what about those hosts that have undergone transcendence? I don't recall any real explanation of what that means. Nor being provided with information regarding their current status. Was Hale just turning hosts into machines with no emotions? Do hosts that undergo transcendence still have a sense of self? If so wouldn't they have a role to play in regards to how the world ends and their place in it?

The show conveniently seems to just leave them out.

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