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The Sandman Season 1 Discussion

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I did not know what to expect going in to season 1. I haven't read any of the source material for the sandman. Overall, I'd have to say this was an enjoyable series. My favorite moments are when we are actually following the sandman around from scene to scene. Learning more about his world, his purpose and watching him resolve conflicts.

The individual stories are nice, some are even pretty powerful but in my opinion become pretty weak when the sandman is absent for extended periods of time. Overall, I'd say that Netflix has done a great job of providing some original programming. I think the problem is that it was just kind of dropped on us. 

It doesn't feel like there was a lot of promotion or anticipation for the show. I think Netflix needs to find a way to really start promoting there upcoming shows to current subscribers, so there is some legitimate hype around their productions. This would help build word of mouth. I think promoting some behind the scenes videos, interviews with lead actors, and preview trailers a month in advance would help a lot.


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