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One Piece Chapter 1056 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Shinobu and Raizo look like complete corpses. I know some people have discussed how greenbull actually seems like the weakest admiral revealed to date but I have to disagree. I think greenbull has shown plenty of power. In addition to being a logia, he can fly, he can cause growth and regeneration to the soil and he can suck the life out of people, causing them to become shriveled corpses near the point of death.

I'm a bit disappointed that it seems like Carrot won't be joining the crew but I always like to see the Straw Hats getting a loyal ally in a new territory. Who knows, perhaps Carrot actually turned down her leadership role to join the straw hats.

Robin asking Luffy if he wanted Pluton and Luffy just casually saying nah is hilarious but totally in sync with his character. At times I do wish that Luffy would have a little more mastermind/high level planner type to him. He's like the most ambitious character in one piece but has absolutely no plan. While its does make for great entertainment its not very consistent with the mindset of ambitious people. In addition to working hard, ambitious people tend to be detailed oriented, have a certain level of cunning and develop multiple plans to reach their goals.

Luffy, Law and Kidd haggling about which direction each of them will head in brought a smile to my face. They really do seem like bickering brothers. What I don't quite understand is why they don't just come out and make a permanent alliance. If I had to guess Kidd will end up having a serious fight against Shanks or Luffy. It feels very obvious to me though, that at some point Law is going to bow out of the competition to reach Laughtale and claim the one piece. There will probably be a critical moment and Law ends up helping the Strawhats.

The revelation that Buggy is now an Emperor of the sea is still absolutely ridiculous but at least we now have a better understanding as to why. It seems like Buggy is working with Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk. Although, if I had to guess I suspect that the three of them came to some type of arrangement to allow Buggy to function as the figurehead while Crocodile and Mihawk actually run the organization.

Things really do seem to be changing though. Marines now have to worry about bounties being placed on their heads. With all of this chaos, I think these are prime conditions for someone like Coby to really start to rise through the ranks.  It really does feel like Coby will reach the rank of admiral at some point. If I had to guess I would imagine that Coby actually ends up as the grand admiral over the entire Navy and he changes the institution for the better.

The end of this chapter is where things being to get really interesting. Law throws down a copy of the road poneglyph and gives it to Kidd's crew. This is a bit surprising since the alliance is "over" according to Kidd. Something that he's reiterated multiple times in the last few chapters. But after this bit Killer makes a statement about putting "all their strength into this task" if they want to participate in the war for the one piece. And Kidd mentions finding the man with the burn scar.

There is a close up of Law's face which is darkened heavily in shadow. And then a close up on Robin's face which is more or less blank and her speech bubble has a question mark.

To me it feels like Robin and Law had an extended conversation after discovering that Pluton was in Wano underwater. It seems likely they've hatched some type of scheme knowing that Luffy wouldn't be interested in doing any type of future planning even though its obviously very necessary.

Which is part of the reason Robin asked Luffy if he was interested in Pluton, to which he promptly said no, which served as confirmation of her original assumption and served as a type of signal to proceed with the plot.

What if Robin came to an agreement with Law to tow Pluton out of Wano? It obviously can't stay in Wano forever. Caribou overheard them talking about it earlier in the manga. Surely his presence didn't go unnoticed in a room full of  Haki users. Robin has to assume the secret is out or that it will get out soon. So there needs to be some contingencies put in place now.

Law is a smart guy and likely understands the potential danger as well. If he truly felt like the alliance was over I honestly don't think he would have given the road poneglyph to Kidd. I think he wants to make sure that they all make it to the next big battle and doesn't want Kidd to be left behind. The big worry though is Luffy's relationship to other movers and shakers outside the crew, which brings me back to the close up on Robin's and Law's faces.

The" man with the burn scar" that Kidd and Killer are looking for in all likelihood is Sabo. And if it is, Luffy is going to have a huge problem if they go after him in anyway. This could possibly disrupt any future plans they could have about the three crews teaming up again later on, like say against blackbeards' fleet. Plus, we know that Kidd's crew has some bad blood with the red hair pirates(red hair pirates took his arm).

My theory is that Law and Robin's plan(if they hatched one) hinges on how Luffy responds to Kidd's actions. My guess is there will be some huge fireworks.

The end of this chapter is another Yammato tease about her joining the Strawhat crew. She really needs to go ahead and join! I'm tired of the teases. I've seen some speculation that she won't actually join because there are no more roles on the ship needed. Well to that, I would say Shanks has plenty of crew members Whitebeard had plenty as well. You always need more powerful soldiers/vice captains.

I've seen some suggestions that Yammato will join the crew and be like Oden serving as a sort of journalist. In my mind though it feels like Robin should already be fulfilling that role. But I'm not against it. A precedent has been set. Either way though as long as Yammato joins I'll be happy.

Last but not least it feels like its past time for Zoro to get some character development. There has been a lot that's happened recently, but Zoro is the only one that hasn't had a huge backstory. I want some answers about when he was confronted by the grim reaper. Everybody was expecting him to have a huge Wano connection, but it seems like we won't be getting any huge backstory scenes from him. Maybe the next island will deliver the goods. But he's over due!



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