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Resident Evil (2022) Season 1 Episode 8 Discussion

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Okay, so when the University released the Crocodile it gave me a lot of release the kraken vibes! Like from pirate of the Caribbean. The crocodile was definitely a cool weapon but as we saw with umbrella's superior firepower in the air they could easily take that thing out.

Billie was using those drones pretty effectively, but it all looked a little too cheesy to me the way she's using those extremely exaggerated hand gestures to direct them. Also, I couldn't help but to think that the drones weren't nearly as active when they were shooting at the humans that were about to board that ship back in episode 2.

It looked like Billie actually ended up killing the zeroes and the her security team at the same time. After most of the backstory has been revealed I still don't understand how she became so heartless. Maybe it has something to do with the virus. I don't like that excuse but that plot point regarding Joy has been presented already about how it affects mood and kind of desensitizes people.

I don't understand why the crocodile didn't attack Bea at the end but if we get a season 2 I suspect we'll find out pretty quick.

I'm still very curious to know what happened to Bert, Jade and Billie when they go on the road presumably to find Ada Wong.


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