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Resident Evil (2022) Season 1 Episode 6 Discussion

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Okay so it's hard for me to make up my mind was Billie fake crying to trick Jade or did she seriously just decide to let Jade go, just like that?

Arjun seems like a nice guy but a complete pushover. He's the complete opposite of Jade. His relationship with Bea is interesting. He seems like the primary caretaker while she's away but Jade was very clear that he's not the father. It makes me wonder if the father will show up sometime later. Perhaps we've already met him😏.

Okay, so Jade finally gets her hands on something that looks like a stop gap measure to help protect humans against the infection. And instead of waiting and going through proper protocols she leaves her daughters recital, goes out that very night and brings a zero on board the ship all by herself to test things out. 

She only temporarily restrains the hands? Why restrain hands, feet, mouth, neck knees everything. In episode 2 she witnessed a zero breaking out of handcuffs by simply dismembering itself at the wrists. She of all people should know better by now.

And this headstrong attitude of her's has finally comeback to bite her. The zero escapes, ignoring her, and running after her daughters. Finds her way to her pregnant friend and bites her. Not only does she loose what seems like a good friend but humanity probably loses one of the few scientists left in the world. What an incredible mistake that was.

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