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Resident Evil (2022) Season 1 Episode 2 Discussion

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So Jade is obviously a trooper and the main protagonist for this series. She seems well traveled and know a ton about the world, the virus and the different factions that have power.

It seems like under no circumstance does she want to go back to umbrella. At this point, we still aren't 100% sure what happened back in Umbrella's corporate village.

Obviously there was some huge outbreak but how did it happen? I'd like to believe that Jade's father was somehow able to stop the infection in his daughter but something seems odd to me. The suit from Umbrella that had come for Jade in episode 1 indicated her sister(Billie) was still alive.

If that's true why is she just now reaching out? Why let all this time pass? Plus what happened to the father? On one hand I'd like to believe they are making Whesker a more sympathetic character but deep down he may be as devious as ever.

He obviously needs the girls alive to keep taking their blood but he doesn't seem overly concerned that Billie got bitten. Even though he saw the Joy virus's affects in Tijuana. At that point, since this timeline is happening post raccoon city, shouldn't he have a lot more concern?

Him and the CEO seem to have some history. I can think of several different reasons why. Perhaps They used her eggs and his DNA to make Whesker's daughters. That would explain her line, telling Whesker to say "hi to the girls for me". And that look of silence afterwards.

Or perhaps she just knows about Whesker's condition and why he decided to have the children. Or perhaps they had a relationship in the past and just called it quits. Either way, I'm sure this is going to come into play at some point down the road.

From the moment they showed the cat lady, I knew immediately that Jade was about to have some kind of weird encounter. And when she said her husband was gone and she didn't know when he'd be back I instantly though of him being locked up in some closet in the house because he became infected.

It turned out to be the bathroom! So I felt good about that prediction it was sad Jade had to kill her husband but that seemed unavoidable at the time. And again predictably the wife was mad. And in a way I kind of understand her anger. If her husband is only infected and not dead then supposdely you should be able to make some type of vaccine and antivirus(at some point).

It amazes me how headstrong young Jade is, even after her dad told her not to tell anybody she goes and talks to a hacker kid and then goes to talk to an investigative reporter! And even lets the reporter hear that she's Wheskers daughter!

At some point this has to comeback to bite her(no pun intended). Its just too reckless. 


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