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Fantastic Four Won't Be an Origin Story, Kevin Feige Says

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This is an interesting decision. I agree,  lot of people know the origin story of the fantastic four by now. I also can understand Feige not wanting to do a Fantastic Four origin story for the MCU. But technically you can make the same argument for many of the original avengers. A lot of people knew their origin stories and they did them anyways.

However, those stories were about establishing the MCU itself. Feige can still do a brief summary about how the fantastic Four got their powers and the interesting team dynamics between the members of the fantastic four. I agree, in principle that we don't need an entire movie about their origin.

As a fan though since they have yet to be introduced into the MCU I would like them to touch on their origin at least briefly.

Now one of the problems of not establishing an origin story for the fantastic four is that one has to wonder what in the world were they doing when Thanos and all of the other big threats were rampaging around the planet?

I still have a sort of grand multiverse theory running in my head that what we know as phase 4 in the MCU is not actually happening. Movies such as Thor 4, Dr. Strange and possibly even Spiderman are isolated stories that are not happening in the so called "sacred timeline" that no longer exists due to Loki's shenanigans with the time keepers. They are in fact happening in in different verses.

So one of the ways they can get away with the Fantastic Four's absence all this time even though they've supposedly existed(assuming their origin story has already taken place) is that the Fantastic Four didn't exist in the multiverses we've been watching. Maybe they travel from a different verse. Or perhaps the original "sacred timeline" didn't allow for the existence of the fantastic four but since things have changed maybe something has happened off screen like say during the Eternals when the celestial visits earth the cosmic energy emanating from them reaches the fantastic four that happened to be in outer space at the time.

There are a lot of different ways to do it. All of them fun. I can't wait to see the full thing.



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