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House of Darkness Official Trailer Discussion

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I love that this trailer does not spoil the story at all. Its just pure set up. We need to get back to this when it comes to marketing and promoting movies.

I'm getting some very strong Bride of Dracula vibes in this trailer. But perhaps that's just part of the deception. In the end, what if it is all just a game. Fake blood, the shoes are stacked to scare him, perhaps they put something in his drink to knock him out but not to hurt him. 

While I don't expect that kind of twist, its still possible. I'm interested in seeing this. If the girls are the brides of Dracula it makes you wonder if Dracula will actually appear.

Or perhaps if this is some new age twist where Dracula is actually just a legend the girls have concocted over the years and in reality its just the three of them luring men in, taking their wealth lol. So many possibilities.

 The really interesting thing about this trailer is that Justin Long is seemingly portrayed as an innocent good guy who happens to get lured in unsuspectingly. But what if he's actually done something bad and the girls are exacting their own kind of justice.

Last but not least what if Dracula is dead and the girls need a replacement 😅. I can't wait to find out.

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