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GTA 6 Will Feature Two Playable Characters, Influenced By Bonnie and Clyde

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I think I'm gonna like this choice. Adding a female protagonist to the game opens up a few changes in the gameplay options, animations and even changes in how the players interact with other characters especially on missions.

The big question I have right now, is if the player chooses what player they want to be at the beginning of the game or if we will be switching between each playable character throughout the game like in GTAV. 

Personally, I think I would enjoy playing as just one character throughout the entire game. I would love to make some impactful decisions along the way that changes the ending. And then once I beat the game, I what love to start a new game with the other character to see how my gameplay choices and outcomes are different.

It's disappointing to hear that the game is still likely at least 2 years away. That really seems absurd. The last game released in 2o13! At the end of the day I'd rather have a high quality game, well polished and fully fleshed out then a bug filled game that was rushed to the finish line but 10 years to conceptualize, write and develop a game is just too long.

One day I hope to get the full story about why it has taken GTA 6 so long to release. And I'm hoping that the Rockstar is not simply going to say GTA 5 was selling so well. That's just not acceptable for fans.

If Rockstar somehow blows this new release(long time creative lead Dan Houser left in 2020) there is going to be a lot of finger pointing. I'm hoping for the best!


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