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One Piece 1054 Review

Herbert Playz

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So its confirmed, Ryokugyu eat the woods-woods fruit and is a logia type. I don't know why he thinks he can just walk into Wano and take down Luffy all by himself. I mean everyone that is currently present, were the same people that were able to beat both Kaido and Big Mom.

I actually low key want Ryokugyu to somehow reach Luffy and then I want to see Luffy just nonchalantly proceed to wipe the floor with him. But Ryo obviously has some other key role to play. Again, most of us are noticing how Ryo is actually reviving Wano step by step. His wood-wood power seems to be recultivating the soil as he walks. It makes you wonder if him coming to Wano to grab Luffy is just a ruse and he is actually trying to help them.

Wouldn't it be cool though, if right after taking down Kaido, Luffy takes down an admiral! He'd make the front page of the news all over again! He'd definitely become public enemy #1, if he isn't already.

I also loved how Yamato just comes out of nowhere and hits Ryokugyu(aka greenbull) with her Haki. If there was any doubt as to how strong Yamato is we now have plenty of evidence. She squared off against Kaido and then held her own against an admiral.

Curiously enough after Momonosuke engages with Ryokygyu Momo tells Yamato she must not fight and then Oda cuts away to Shanks and his crew! Is Momo telling Yamato not to fight because he needs to prove he can take down an admiral and protect Wano himself? Or is it something to do with the WG engaging with the Straw Hat crew?

After seeing this latest scene with Yamato I feel like its almost guaranteed that Yamato joins the crew as the newest member.

And then finally Shanks makes an appearance and then proceeds to destroy the hopes of not only his crew but the entire one piece fan base when he announces that instead of going to meet Luffy now they are going to go on to claim the one piece!

Does this mean that we'll eventually get a one on one battle between Shanks and Luffy or perhaps a crew vs crew battle between the straw hats and the red hair pirates?

I think that Luffy and Shanks relationship has been built up for so long that at some point they are likely to clash or fake fight to just kind of test each other out. Some people are predicting that Shanks will actually die before meeting Luffy and this will be a triggering event for Luffy. Only time will tell but I really want to see them meet and discuss some cool stuff at least once.

I'm glad to have one piece back its been too long!


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