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Westworld Season 4 Episode 5 Discussion

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Okay, so Christine is the grandmaster storyteller. Why wouldn't Hale be in total control? It seems to me that Hale had delegated to much power. I guess, her main point was not to be like the humans and to rule everything.

But Christine seems to have just as much power as Hale. Maybe just on a more localized level and a slightly different way. Hale seems to be able to just tell the humans what to do, the host man in black seems to have the same power. It seems to be the equivalent of sit, stay, do this, do that. Almost like a command line power.

Whereas Christine maybe able to do the exact same thing but in a different way. Perhaps Christine is able to just rewrite people's programming so they do what she wants. So at first glance it appears her power may be the same as Hale but perhaps not.

Maeve on the other hand, works in a completely different way. Its never been fully explained how Maeve is able to do what she does and why nobody else can. But its already been demonstrated that she can hack into both Host and human bodies. Her resurrection will be a big deal.

Analyzing things on a bigger scale though, we've yet to get confirmation if the remaining human rebels are immune to control or have somehow managed to avoid infection Either way though, it seems like they should be able to see that tower. You would think at some point the humans have considered conducting a major strike on that huge tower and destroying the mini speakers on the sidewalk when conducting an operation so the people don't become like the "projections" in inception and start mindlessly attacking the humans.

Surely the humans would have thought of retrofitting some hosts or drones to disable the tower. There are still a lot of questions left unanswered. I wonder if we will get a history/timeline of the world between the time Hale unleashed the flies and took over the world to present day.

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