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Google is Testing Some Really Cool Augmented Reality Glasses, How Will This New Technology Affect Life In The Future?

Herbert Playz

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I must admit I'm one of those people that hasn't been big on the whole augmented reality and metaverse craze that's been heating up in the tech industry recently. However...I do see some real utility here with these augmented reality glasses.

These AR glasses are being tested to incorporate Google Translate and Google Maps
Not only would it be extremely cool to be able to wear glasses that automatically translated an unknown language for the user but it would also be extremely useful for anyone traveling abroad or just engaging in conversation.

Also, having the ability to be directed step by step from point A to point B via Google Maps analyzing your current location and guiding the user through a heads up display would really be next level in terms of navigation. I imagine people in the transportation industry would find this extremely useful.

Privacy and Security Concerns
Of course it won't stop there. Eventually these glasses would enable the user to scan buildings, objects and even other people . If these AR glasses ever became widespread, I feel that eventually there would be some huge privacy concerns.

This would all depend on the processing speed of the glasses. But could you imagine a world in which you walk around wearing AR glasses and later on, probably even contacts, that could tap into a database that almost immediately identified the person you were looking at and began to feed you data on them?

Having all that information at your fingertips would be both amazing and terrifying. The government would really have to move fast with privacy regulations. There would be some serious arguments about if its unethical and a violation of individual privacy. Not to mention arguments to be made about if its a federal or states issue when it comes to the law in the united states.

Shopping And Convenience
In terms of shopping and convenience I can see this really helping consumers. Especially consumers that normally don't do a lot of research.

For example imagine a consumer going to buy a new car and just by looking at the car, the glasses provide the market value of the car in their area, avg cost of insurance for that model type, estimated maintenance cost per year of ownership, estimated resale value in 5 years.

Or better yet imagine a scenario where the glasses just have access to multiple databases and the consumer just asks the AI questions and it does some quick calculations based on the information available.

I can see applications for crime rate in a neighborhood, market value of a home, avg gas prices in the area, dating profiles(forget about swiping, instead users will be blinking), the list goes on and on.

Whenever new technology is introduced we almost always pay a price for the convenience it brings. I can imagine all sorts of scenarios happening, both good and bad. Watch the video below to see this tech in action.

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