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Westworld Season 4 Episode 4 Discussion

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Once again I am lost. When "C"(Aurora Perrineau) was first introduced I thought she looked like an older version of Caleb's daughter. I just didn't consider at the time that we had been watching different timelines.

When I saw that Maeve(Thandiwe Newton) was about to die, only then did it occur to me that Maeve could be the weapon they were looking for in the desert. That's a cool reveal and a great job by the writers.

The big surprise that Caleb's timeline/narrative/experience has been fake this whole time is a bit disappointing. As a viewer I don't like being deceived to that degree without better hints. The show just kind of goes surprise! Caleb is actually dead! Hale actually won. As I sci-fi fan I definitely appreciate the end result but I'm just disappointed with the execution.

The ending of this episode with Hale having her Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) moment like in season 1 was actually pretty awesome. All the humans just froze on command when she catches up to Caleb.

In the grander scheme of things, the very end of this season allows for the possibility of Maeve and Caleb to be reunited. It feels fairly obvious that Maeve loved Caleb and only left him so he could live a full mortal life with a "real person".

I think by the end of the show these two will be together as host and host. Or perhaps die together. At least, in a perfect world that's the way it should be but the showrunners may try to subvert expectations. So who knows!

I have no idea what's happening with Christina(Rachel Evan Woods). But it feels like her roommate Mya brought back Teddy(James Marsden) to try to settle her down a bit. Considering what we just observed with Caleb's character, it feels almost certain now that Delores is somewhere still alive or at least alive as a host can be and is perhaps stuck in some kind of loop or false memory similar to Caleb. Christina recognizes Teddy and feels like she's seen him before almost like an echo of her past lives. Perhaps Christina is a host.

I'm also drawing blanks on the importance of the lighthouse scene, after they destroy rehoboam's last data center it appears that Maeve hacked into Caleb somehow. I don't understand the implications of that. Surely it can't simply mean, by hacking your body I can keep you alive a little longer so we can get you to the hospital, there has to be more to it then that.

The man in black is definitely going to have his moment to shine. Its odd to me that Hale leaves the man in black alive but allows Caleb to die and just tries to create copies of him. Is she lonely? Why not just remove all the humans if she actually won?

At the end of the episode the showrunners really emphasized the amount of care and detail that went into designing the machine that William is placed in by Hale. It makes me feel like he still has a big part to play.

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