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The Bethesda Game Studios Leaks Are Getting CRAZY?

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I don't really keep up with leaks to much so I haven't really been spoiled and I don't expect that I'll be spoiled in the future regarding Starfield.

Plus, Starfield is such a huge, massive game that its going to be really hard to spoil Starfield for me. One single leak would not spoil the game for me.

I think there are a number of things that Starfield has yet to reveal. For example, in the recent Fallout and Skyrim releases there has always been something that makes the player special. They didn't show that off in the showcase so I expect that surprise will still be in the game itself.

Plus I full expect to be able to find mysterious artifacts, secrets, items, remnants of a lost civilization etc across the different planets in the galaxy.

I haven't searched for anything Fallout related in quite some time but seeing a few set pieces doesn't worry me at all. Netflix came out with a sneak peak trailer for one piece and showed a gorgeous set piece they had created for the upcoming series and that didn't feel overly spoilery to me.

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