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One Punch Man Chapter 165 Review And Discussion

Herbert Playz

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One punch man's fight with Garou is insane! This is 57 pages of awesomeness! 🥰

I don't fully understand Blast's involvement and this point but he is obviously involved in some type of multidimensional conflict.

For now Blast is trying to contain the damage done to earth from Saitama's fight with Garou. But at some point after the fight, I imagine that Blast will try to recruit Saitama to his interdimensional team where Saitama will begin to learn exactly where he falls on the cosmic scale.

In terms of the overall fight, its a bit hilarious to see that Saitama's clothes are finally damaged after all this time. One day perhaps we'll get an explanation on how they have managed to be so tough and withstand so much damage before showing any wear and tear.

Right now Garou is coming back strong but I don't expect that he'll be able to hold out against Saitama for very long.

It would also be nice to get an explanation on how Saitama is able to breathe in outer space.


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