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How To Make Halo Into A True Next Gen Experience

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I think Microsoft and 343 studios need to take the Halo franchise in a new direction.  Right now, Halo just feels too small like the overall production lacks creative vision. While Halo Infinite is a solid release, its fair to say that it's not the groundbreaking game that many long time fans were hoping for.

Single Player Campaign
I think they need to broaden the scope on the single player side. Master Chief should be a general at this point. Forget the rule breaking bad boy. He's done the impossible a number of times. At this point he should be waging war across the battlefield, in command of his own highly trained Spartan unit. Answerable to nobody but the supreme commander of UNSC.

The battlefield should be hectic, unpredictable and massive. As players we should be hot dropping into a warzone. Changing the course of battle, accomplishing small objectives(side quests) while still following a cinematic storyline. 343 studios should really consider Ryse Son of Rome.  The gameplay scenarios and level design were extremely well done.

In Ryse, it feels like we are a true leader. We order men into formation, tell them when to use their shields and order them to move forward. Halo really needs to focus on giving players that feeling of moving through a battlefield, making a difference with their actions and gaining territory as an army. In single player right now, are objectives are basically kill everyone in sight to get to the next checkpoint.

I will admit that in Halo Infinite they did seem to be on the right path with the forward operating bases(FOBs) but it felt pretty empty. It never felt like we were jumping int a battle that was raging, rather it felt like we were the battle.

On the multiplayer side, they need to have combat and choice reflect everything that is going on in single player.

Right now Halo multiplayer is just a corridor shooter. To me it can be fun but it doesn't hold my attention. If 343 studios really wants Halo to take a next gen leap and make it the "IT" game again, they are really going to have to innovate on the multiplayer side.

Step 1, they have to eliminate the corridor shooter or expand the multiplayer to include battlefield style gameplay.  We need huge maps, with vehicles and bases. Players should be able to join squads of 4 or 5 while working as part of a larger team to beat the other side.

Step 2, instead of just putting a team of 20 Spartans against another team of Spartans they need to introduce faction vs faction gameplay.

When players first start up multiplayer they choose what faction that want to play as; UNSC, Covenant or Flood.

The UNSC would have Warthogs, Scorpions, Razorbacks and Wasps. The Covenant would have Wraiths, Choppers, Banshees, ghosts. The Flood would perhaps have no vehicles but have other advantages.

I envision the Flood operating very similar to the Zerg in Starcraft. They just want to spread and overwhelm all life.

They should take inspiration from games like age of mythology and Starcraft. In Starcraft there are three main factions, the Marines, the Protoss and the Zerg. In age of Mythology there were three main factions. Egyptian, Norse and Greek. Halo also has three main factions, the UNSC, the Covenant and the Flood.

While each faction has similarities to each other, there should also be a unique spin to them based on the faction they are apart of.  

So for example, Spartans and Elites have regenerating shields. But perhaps the Flood have no shields instead they have a rapidly replenishing health bar. Another example would be that Covenant forces could be the only units that can cloak.

The Flood and Spartans can't cloak but they each have a unique sensory skill that lets them find Covenant that are cloaking. Another example would be the Floods ability to infect. Anytime the flood kills a Covenant or Marine they can infect them and create a sort of Flood minion.

The Flood could also have Flood crepe similar to the Zerg, where Flood members can run faster on crepe, regenerate health faster etc. There are a lot of cool things you can come up with , in this type of set up.



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