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Stranger Things Season 4 Ending Discussion

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I'll be honest, I have mixed things about volume 2 of Stranger Things. It definitely held my interest overall but I feel like it was definitely a mistake to split the cast up. At one point we actually had 5 different viewpoints going on and the pace really really suffered.

I know I've said this before but for me what's going on with the adults its nowhere close to as interesting with what's happening with the kids. Its like we're watching two separate series. Plot wise their stuff could have been cut completely. The more time we get with the kids the better in my opinion.

I remember watching Inception feeling like Christopher Nolan did a masterful job showing us what was happening in the different layers as Leonardo Dicaprio was trying to accomplish the mission. But Leo had the added advantage of great musical tension and really good cuts. In Stranger Things, the tension is just not there. As I was watching I immediately understood what the Duffer Brothers were going for but unfortunately it just didn't deliver that same satisfying crescendo.

There was one edit in particular that stood out to me. In one scene El drops to the floor and the scene just cuts away, it then immediately cuts back and El drops to the floor but she's in a total different stance. To me this scene really emphasized to me the need for some additional time with reshoots and/or editing to get the scenes just right.

Again all the elements were there for a finale to really hit you hard especially with some of the outcomes for certain key characters but due to plotting some of their decisions in big moments, didn't make a lot of sense to me.

I'm glad season 5 has been announced and I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully the Duffer brothers will be able to deliver the grand finale that we're all craving.


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