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The Man From Toronto (2022) Review And Discussion

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The Man From Toronto is a wacky movie from Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson. Going into the movie I saw someone speculate that it would eventually be revealed that Woody's character was actually impersonating the Man from Toronto just like Kevin Hart. That would have been an interesting little twist but after watching the movie for the first ten minutes, the writers didn't give me the impression that we would have any type of clever little twists like that.

The movie mostly sets up scenes where Kevin Hart can just kind of riff and do his Kevin Hart thing, where it feels like he just cracks some jokes on the fly right in the middle of the action while everyone else just kinda stands around absorbing what he's saying raising their eyebrows etc. The jokes didn't really land as much for me as they usually do. 

The best parts of the movie are when Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson are bonding. I loved it when they were sniping at each other with their little barbs and I also enjoyed the quiet moments when they were reflecting about themselves or the future.

I must admit this movie had way more action in it than I ever expected. In fact its so action packed that it gets absolutely ridiculous at some points. Harrelson's scenes in particular seemed pretty intense. It seemed like he enjoyed the action. I felt like in the beginning he really embodied the man from 50 miles from nowhere vibe. Wearing all black, carrying around some knives just added to the mystique for me.

Near the end things become quite a bit ridiculous but there is one long action packed sequence featuring the men from everywhere all converging in one place, that was really really cool. So kudos to the director for shooting that sequence. I feel like this movie could have been much more satisfying with a tighter script. The action was well done and for the most part pretty entertaining.


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