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2022 NBA Draft Review And Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Congratulations Paulo Banchero on going #1 in the draft! I'm so glad some GM came to his senses and actually said forget what all the experts scouts and analysts are saying and just decided to pick a 6'10 monster that has all the skills and strength you could ever want in a modern day NBA bid man! Paulo Bancheo can do it all. How good he ends up being is entirely up to him. He has an NBA body all ready, he has playmaking skills, a great handle for a dude his size and real confidence! Did you see that suit he was wearing!

Chet Holmgren goes #2 which shows you all the hype about OKC wanting to take Jaden Ivey #2 was just how air. Jabari Smith was available and they still passed to take Chet Holmgren. I like Chet's style he has real confidence in his game and analytics say he can really play. For some reason I don't think his 190 pound frame will be a problem in the NBA. It may keep him form being injured and also ensure he has the agility to get by his man on the next level.

Jabari Smith dropped to 3rd! And for a minute I was actually wondering if the rockets were contemplating Jaden Ivey at 3. I know Smith has to have a huge chip on his shoulder. For all the experts to be saying that he was going #1 with all month with a near 95% confidence rating, it has to be a shock to fall to 3. The experts were so sure that he was going #1 this even took me by complete surprise. Now its on him to make sure that the Magic and OKC pay for underestimating him. The NBA better make sure the Rocket's games against Oklahoma city and Orlando I televised on national tv, I imagine fans are really gonna be treated to something special.

I can't wait for summer league to see how all these guys look out there against the next tier of competition.

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