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Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1 Episode 6 Review And Discussion

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Well that's one way to wrap things up!

Obi-Wan is officially a rock wizard! 😂

We all knew that Vader and Ob-Wan had to have a decent clash but I wasn't expecting it to end with a decisive victor. Obi-Wan clearly proved his superiority over Darth Vader which is a problem because he could have dealt the empire a serious blow by finishing him off. Instead he leaves him there to linger and grow in power. Its kind of inexplicable if you ask me.

As much as I enjoyed seeing Joel Edgerton as Owen I have to admit that I'm disappointed. Seeing him cast in this role made me think that he was gonna have a much larger part in the series. Perhaps his agent was setting him up just in case Disney decides to expand the role later on down the line. Or perhaps he's just a huge Star Wars fan.

Reva's storyline was a bit twisted. She experienced childhood trauma because Vader hunted down and killed her fellow young jedi in training. So she decides to get revenge by growing stronger and attempting to kill Vader but after all those years he is still far more powerful than her. So she then discovers that he has children and goes to kill the boy? I mean how twisted is that? I didn't like where they went with this character. They spent a lot of time on her relentless quest to track down obi-wan as she obviously had some sort of huge grudge and then at the end she switches things up and goes to hunt down young Luke? Didn't like that but I'm ultimately glad she's still alive. We may get to see her in the future. I don't like that she threw down her lightsaber though.

When saying his goodbyes. I loved it when Obi-Wan admits to Leia that he knew her mother and father. I loved how he describes the characteristics she received from each of them, particularly Anakin. "But you are also passionate and fearless, forthright. And these are gifts from your father." Something about those lines felt true. And shows how deeply Obi-Wan really respected Anakin. I also feel like this perfectly describes the adult that Leia will grow up to be. The writers did some good work here.

The last cool scene was a total surprise but one I'm sure that hardcore fans were looking for the entire series. Finally Obi-Wan finds a way to commune with Master Qui-Gon Jinn! Seeing Liam Neeson show up, if only for a few fleeting seconds was awesome!


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