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Stranger Things 4 | Volume 2 Trailer Review and Discussion

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The thing that sticks out the most to me with this trailer is the obvious attraction and possible rekindling of a relationship between Steve and Nancy. Another thing to note that goes hand and hand with this is that Johnathon is nowhere to be found in this trailer! I mean they completely omitted him from the trailer.

I know they have any ensemble cast, but basically removing him completely is just a glaring omission. Eleven and Max get are central to the plot this season and so it follows that they are featured pretty prominently but Steve is not very central to the plot but he gets a tonnnnnnn of screen time. He's also a connector type of character as he has strong bonds with the original crew but has developed a big brother bond with Dustin, a strong platonic friendship with Maya and as I alluded to before, the former crush of Nancy. He kind of sits at the intersection of a lot of characters and through their interactions with him their more realized. So he's stealing screen time left and right.

Jonathan's absence is just perplexing to me, perhaps one day we'll get a full explanation whenever Netflix inevitably decides to do a documentary or special behind the scenes look of how and Stranger Things became this worldwide phenomenon.

But back to the trailer! Eddie Munson looks like he is going to have one incredibly epic scene with that guitar! I suspect people are going to be talking about that for awhile. My boy Dustin screaming has me a little worried that something tragic happens to a member of the crew and it seems like Eleven will eventually make her way to the haunted house. But it appears that Vecna may be trying enter her mind so perhaps she's not actually there but she's fighting him in her mind. We'll see! At some point I'm sure that we're going to have a team in the upside down and a team outside in the real world somehow coordinating to stopping Vecna once and for all.


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