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One Piece Chapter 1053 Review & Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Well this was shocking. The world government placed a 3 billion beri bounty on Luffy, Eustass and Law. These bounties feel a little bit absurd considering the fact that Luffy is the one the brought down Kaido and that Kid and Law teamed up to bring down Big Mom.

It makes you feel like Big Mom was a lot more powerful than we initially believed. Also it's a little strange that Luffy's bounty would be in line with there's especially with Luffy's awakening of his mythical zoan. Perhpas its part of the the government's plot to still try and keep that underwraps. I have a feeling they won't be able to keep things underwraps for long since the new admiral Ryukugyu is on the island.

Ryukugyu looks like a beast! It seems like he easily took down Queen and King without breaking a sweat. And he's headed straight for Luffy! Things are about to get interesting very quickly. I think his entire role will be to show just how far Luffy has come. In the past an admiral showing up has meant certain defeat. But with confirmation that Zoro has the offensive fire power to harm Kaido and Luffy's Joyboy awakening you'd have to think that Luffy is going to wipe the floor with Ryokugyu.

Three other things of note. Buggy the clown is a Yonko now? What in the world is happening? What in the world has happened? Buggy's devil fruit ability allows for some interesting scenarios upon awakening but even so, I can't imagine a power boost large enough to make him a Yonko. There has to be some exigent circumstances. He must have gained a powerful weapon, stole a powerful item or made some kind of powerful pirate alliance. Buggy becoming a yonko is so hilarious and just like Oda to do something like that. I wonder if it has something to do with Shanks going to visit the five elders at the world government about a year or so ago.

Nico Robin has gotten the former shogun(oden's father) to confirm that Pluto is indeed on Wano. Will we be seeing the ancient weapon soon?

And last but not least, on page 4 we get a Sabo sighting. It looks like Sabo is rich or at least is in some type of highly recognized position of authority. If the government actually captured Sabo and have brainwashed him or somehow forced him to do what they want, Luffy is going to be enraged.

Lots of stuff to look forward to, I can't wait to continue the journey a month from now!


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