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Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1 Episode 4 Review And Discussion

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For me episode 4 was much better than episode 3. I still don't like Obi-Wan sneaking around so much. At one point I actually said that they've managed to turn Obi-Wan into solid snake. The only thing that's missing now is a cardboard box.

It just takes Obi-Wan way too long to dispatch low level soldiers. It should not take 3 slashes from a lightsaber to down one storm trooper.

I love that Darth Vader is starting to feel a little more like Darth Vader of old. Having him walk down a street and just force lift everyone while snapping their necks was a little over the top. Darth Vader was always powerful and menacing. But not so flashy. The grunts feared his displeasure because of his overwhelming control of the force. I'm glad that dialed it back a bit.

So the whole sneak into an imperial base and save the "good guy" inside against insurmountable odds bit is extremely over played but it worked well in this episode. It allowed all the characters to have a clear focus and plot wise is easy to divide the episode up into several different stages. The plot was much more superior then the meandering one engineered for episode 3.


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