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Top Gun Maverick (2022) Discussion

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This movie was fantastic.

I went to go see it on a Thursday at 3:45 pm with a theater that had "moving audio". This is the best type of theater to see the movie. You will feel every afterburn, every turn and twist. It completely changes the movie experience.

Going into see this movie I was expecting a solid sequel but what I got was an awesome movie.

The aerial scenes are gorgeous. There is nothing else like it. At least nothing else available in a mass market movie. It is simply gorgeous.

There are some call backs to the original movie but FYI to everybody, you do not need to see the first movie to enjoy this one.

They use some old footage from the old 80s movie to emphasize certain story beats. But make no mistake about it, this movie stands on its own two feet.

The trailers do a great job of showing how good the aerial scenes are in this movie. But trust me when I say they just scratch the surface. There are some great moments in this movie that have some good emotional weight behind it.

This is one of the rare times that the rotten tomato scores are 100% accurate. Right now the audience score is 99%. This movie is just so much fun.

Every time they were in the air I just couldn't stop smiling. 

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