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Dallas Cowboys Discussion 2022

Herbert Playz

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I'm a big time Dallas Cowboys fan. I think this season will be interesting for several reasons.

On the offensive side of the ball we lost big time performers in Cedrick Wilson and Amari Cooper. We still have CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup but Gallup is working is way back from injury and he who knows what type of condition he will be in when the season starts. Dak Prescott made a lot of money with his new contract, with the Cowboys obvious loss of talent, this is the perfect opportunity for him to prove why he is worth so much money.

I think Zeke and Tony Pollard will be solid. It will be hard for them to produce in the open field if our offensive line doesn't dominate up front and I have no idea what to expect from them this year.

The Micah Parsons selection in the draft last year was perfect. I expect him to be even more dominant this year. But we lost Randy Gregory in free agency! That one stung because from the reports it seems like we originally had a verbal agreement and then he had a change of heart at the last minute.

Trevon Diggs showed out last season, if he is able to take another step this year our defense will still look pretty dangerous. Not to mention he is going to command a lot of money on his next contract. But he's gonna have to show up! With the loss of Randy Gregory, we may not be able to create as much pressure at the line of scrimmage.

I'm also really excited to see what Jabril Cox can do for us. His injury last year was unfortunate. We are going to need another difference maker on defense.

2022 Draft Results
I know a lot of people aren't to enthusiastic about our draft this year but I will remind everyone in the last few years the Cowboys have hit on every single one of their first round picks. They were all difference makers immediately.

I'm excited to see what the Cowboys do with Tyler Smith. Jerry Jones was certainly excited and indicated Smith was graded extremely high on the Cowboys draft board. 2nd Round pick Sam Williams is 6'3 with a 6'8 wingspan that clocked a 4.4 40 yard dash. I know that football skills matter but I like the idea of having a lot of speed on the edge. Plus he has a really good wingspan for his height which will help him knockdown passes at the line of scrimmage.

So much to talk about while getting ready for the season. I can't wait to see how it all shakes out.

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