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The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Episode 6 Discussion

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Finally! We get an episode that feels like Shield Hero season 1. I was a bit surprised by the ending. It feels like we are about to learn a lot more about the connection between the worlds.

Naofumi finally gets a cool new shield upgrade. Supposedly he won't have to use the wrath shield anymore but I seriously doubt that. The spirit tortoise shield seems to be incredibly powerful though. There has to be some kind of drawback like perhaps a recharge time or some kind of energy requirement.

Rishia showed out. They still haven't FULLY explained how she was able to move despite the gravity effect. I'm glad Fitoria showed up. Although, I must admit she seemed to be much stronger and intimidating in the season 1.

And lastly we are starting to get more readouts from the shield view. It seems the the spirit tortoise ability allows Naofumi to kind of bend the rules a bit. I don't understand how L'arc and his party can continue to travel to Naofumi's world but the Cardinal heroes haven't been able to travel to his. Perhaps its because the Vassal heroes have special abilities that the cardinal heroes don't have. I'm still not quite sure what to think but I'm glad we are getting back to the mysterys of this world.

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