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Draymond Green Ejection In Warriors vs Grizzlies Game 1

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I've watched the video and its tough to see Draymond ejected on that play. That was my initial reaction but after reviewing the officials explanation "excessive and unnecessary" I understand it. Still watching it in real time, it's hard for me to view that as a flagrant 2. I feel like if you're gonna call that a flagrant 2  and hits to the head should be at least a flagrant 1 and I've seen hits to the head not even called a foul. As a fan, I can make an argument that any hit to the head falls under the "excessive and unnecessary" description. So from my point of view they must have thought that Green pulled him down on purpose.

Draymond says that his fingers got caught in his jersey. That may well be the case. But if you have the reputation as an irritant and agitator and a history of questionable fouls you have to expect that you are going to get calls like this to not go your way. I really did not understand all the running around by Draymond after the fact. Dennis Rodman is want of my all time favorite players to watch play. But Rodman knew what he was. He did a lot of crazy things on the court but I don't recall him ever speaking out so much or an attempt to portray himself as innocent or the victim of bad calls by the referees. We all knew he was committing fouls and was being a nuisance but we accepted it and enjoyed him anyways.

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