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Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Be Bigger Than Starfield This Year?

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I think this is a very interesting question because Modern Warfare 2 will be judged in terms of sales whereas I think Starfield will be judged in terms of plays. Because of Xbox gamepass over 20 million players will get a chance to play Starfield day 1. And those numbers may actually be 30 million players by the time Starfield launches in November. 

If Starfield is the game that I think it is, people will be playing this game 10 years from now a I can imagine a near endless parade of DLC being created for this game. This is not a one time release like Fallout with a couple of pieces of additional content added. We are going to get a ton of content for Starfield. Bethesda has been wanting to make this game for over two decades. They have huge plans for this game. I think the game is going to be much closer to an MMO than a traditional Bethesda RPG. And by MMO I'm talking about the amount of content and exploration that we'll be able to experience in this game. I expect there to be some social features as well that have not been talked about. But this is not SIMPLY Skyrim in space. Right now this is all speculation on my part but I suspect we will get most of our answers in June this year during the Microsoft/Bethesda showcase.

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