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Boston Celtics Sweep The Brooklyn Nets

Herbert Playz

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Say what you will about the Nets season this year but even after everything that they've been through I can't imagine any NBA fan expected the Celtics to sweep the Brooklyn Nets. Those old Kyrie comments about not really needing a coach look pretty bad in retrospect. I think Brooklyn would have benefited with a little more motion on offense. It seems like Kevin Durant was having to work way too hard for his points this series. Nothing came easy.

A ton of people have been talking about Ben Simmons this season. But I have to say if he had been fully healthy I think his presence would have made a tremendous difference. The Nets obviously could have used his ball handling and defensive skills. Having a 6'10 point guard that can handle the ball with either hand(he's ambidextrous)  has great length, has great reach, has tremendous foot speed and lateral quickness. These are the very things that Brooklyn needed in this series. As good as KD and Kyrie are I think this was a great example of why they had James Harden act as the primary ball handler. I don't think that Steve Nash's job is in any jeopardy as Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless suggested. In fact I think with a health Ben Simmons in training camp the Brooklyn Nets  will be looking to make a lot of noise next season.

The biggest question though is how will the next handle Kyrie Irving's contract situation going into the offseason? Do they keep him on 1 year deals or sign him to a fully guaranteed contract over a number of years?

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