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Moon Knight: Season 1 Episode 4 Discussion

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I must say that Steven is just not tethered to reality. Marc is infinitely more useful in a fight They're about to do something extremely dangerous and Steven just refuses to relinquish control. Its very obvious these two should be working together rather than fighting each other along the way.

Khonshu is imprisoned and he is placed on a shelf. It looks like there are at least 9 other beings like Khonshu that are imprisoned as well.. I can't imagine all of them survive. By the end of the show I imagine they will all be destroyed with the exception of Khonshu.

The love triangle between Marc, Steven and Layla is interesting and a bit cringe lol. But entertaining all the same.

About 3/4 of the way through, this ep became wild! Was not expecting this at all. Did Marvel really need to make it this wild? This felt like some Loki level shenanigans with the time keepers.

I have no idea what comes next.

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