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Does PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass Provide More Value?

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Does PlayStation Plus or Xbox Game Pass provide more value? How do you think these gaming subscription services will evolve overtime?

I think the answer to who provides more value is pretty obvious right now. Xbox Game Pass provides way more value because first party exclusives will be available day 1 to all Game Pass subscribers. Both services offer some older games. Sony fans can point to a stronger back catalogue of first party games. But in terms of game variety I think Xbox has the edge. Also, as soon as Xbox's new exclusives start dropping, I think Sony's exclusives that were made in the past will be less and less of a selling point.

Sony has already said that they're not pursuing the day 1 release model for their games on PlayStation Plus like Xbox is on Game Pass.  But I'm extremely interested to see if they decide to move to some limited release window. For example for the first 90 days a game will be sold at full price and not available on PlayStation plus. But then after 90 days, its made available to subscribers. Sony could really do a lot of different things. On narrative driven games maybe Sony releases half the game on PlayStation plus and requires subscribers to purchase the 2nd half of the game. Another option they could use are discounts on launch day, PlayStation plus subscribers get a discount on new game releases.

I believe Xbox's focus will be creating the base game and making that available to as many people as possible. From there, I believe they will transition their dev teams on developing DLC, some of it will be free but other DLC will be paid. So in this way Xbox would focus on making money on the backend. I just can't imagine Xbox to have their dev teams to continue to create additional content to support their established franchises without some type of potential financial benefit. They would be throwing away a huge opportunity. I think how they handle Starfield's release is going to be a big indicator of things to come.

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