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Stranger Things Season 4 Official Trailer Discussion

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This new trailer looks wild!

The production quality for Stranger Things has definitely gone up a notch. In this trailer Eleven says that she doesn't have her powers anymore. I wonder if she's just lying to whoever that man is that seems to be requesting help from her or if she has in fact actually lost her powers. If Eleven has somehow lost her powers, the new trailer seems to hint at the possibility that perhaps her powers have been transferred to Max.

Hopper on the other hand appears to be alive and well but a prisoner at an undisclosed location. I fully expect him to join up again with the gang at some point. I have no idea what use the boys will be in the new season because no big plot points were given away but I expect them to slowly start putting together pieces of the puzzle regarding whatever new mystery had appeared.

Last but not least it appears Stranger Things season 4 will consist of two volumes. The first of which will release may 27th and the 2nd one is scheduled to release July 1st. Hopefully each volume will each be a full season worth of new content.

I'm definitely a lot more excited for Stranger Things Season 4 now. May 27th can't come soon enough!


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