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5 Netflix Shows That Everyone Ought To Watch At Least Once!

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Simply put, if you haven't watched these 5 shows, then you're missing out (the FOMO should be strong on this one). So without further ado, in no particular order, I present to you ,5 tv shows that everyone ought to watch at least once!

  • The Witcher: This is one of Netflix's biggest productions. If you haven't watched this show yet you're missing out. Originally many people were thinking that this could possibly Netflix's answer to A Game of Thrones. While its not quite that for me. Its still a pretty big production. A quality big budget fantasy series its based on a series of books but keep in mind its an adaption so the showrunners have taken some liberties.
  • Peaky Blinders: This show is more of an acquired taste, it tells the story of a family of gangsters over years. It has some pretty solid performances and its really interesting to watch how the family maneuvers itself over the years to stay relevant and try to beat out the competition.
  • Mindhunters: This is grade A filmmaking right here. It's about the creation of the FBI's behavioral science unit. In a nutshell they go around the country interviewing serial killers that haven been caught and put in prison. From there they use the information gleaned in the interviews to create profiles of the offenders to figure out what makes them tick, they then use that knowledge to identify, track down and capture active killers. This is some pretty compelling stuff. They interview tons of infamous people that you've heard about in the past and some you haven't. This is a very cerebral show. Definitely a good watch if you're into that sort of content.
  • Ozark: Jason Bateman really shows his range in this thriller. Its about a money launderer that...you guessed it launders money for a criminal organization. He comes across as a good guy that just kinda got caught up. Without going into spoilers. One moment everything is great and then all of a sudden everything is not so great. And he has to start producing in a hurry or he and his family will pay the ultimate price. How do you raise a family under these type of circumstances? It really does move like a good thriller, there is problem after problem that must be solved, from legal, to illegal, to family, to personal. This guy is the king of compartmentalizing but the rest of his family has some skills too. Its a wild ride but totally worth it. Watch Ozark. There really is nothing else quite like it!
  • The Last Kingdom: This show covers a lot of ground, its about personal identity, religion, culture, tolerance and co-existence. But to put it simply, its a great show which presents an alternate history about England before it was England. It focuses on a man name Uhtred that is Saxon born but raised by Vikings. His heart is conflicted by his desire to live as a Viking but to protect the last Saxon kingdom of Wessex. Tons of great characters, tons of interesting relationships. There are plenty of plots and betrayals, manipulations, uneasy alliances, and just plain dumb, hot headed, decisions which makes this such an interesting watch. The show really does reward you for sticking with it.
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