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What Was Your Favorite Episode of The Witcher Season 2?

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My favorite episode for the Witcher season 2 was actually episode 1! I don't really care to admit that. I wish I could say that my favorite episode was the final episode. But episode 1 of season 2 has all the things that I enjoy most when watching the Witcher.

Firstly, there's a nice little mystery. As the audience we know that something is wrong, the village is empty, Geralt's friend has a peculiar appearance much different when Geralt saw him last, also he lives completely along...so he says. Somethings is not adding up! Geralt, slowly but surely does his monster hunting detective thing, but this time he has to do it while navigating his father like relationship with Ciri. The reveal at the end is actually pretty tragic and extremely well done.

A part of me, really wishes that season 2 was just Geralt and Ciri roaming the countryside together, solving little mysteries like this one, while getting paid for his services as a Witcher. For me little self contained 1 episode stories like this one contains the strongest story telling. I wish we had a lot more of them.

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