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Did The Witcher Season 2 Showrunners Mess Up By Avoiding A Love Triangle Involving Geralt, Triss And Yennefer?

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I think this is a very good question.

Both Yennefer and Triss obviously have a deep affection for Geralt and they are both on friendly terms. For pure entertainment value, I think it would be interesting to see that dynamic play out on screen. Who knows we might still get to see it in season 3.

But think about the way that season 2 ended. Even though Yennefer decides to protect and nurture Ciri what she did midway through the season was actually a form of betrayal to Geralt. Think back to the earliest part of the season, Geralt thought Yennefer was dead... and then in episode 2, Triss shows up and basically tells Geralt that she was looking for some comfort because of what happened to her. It would have been perfectly okay if those two were to have some type of romantic involvement at this moment in the show. Especially considering what just happened with Geralt's Witcher friend Eskel.

From there everything would happen just as it did in the show, then, later on, Geralt finds out Yen is alive. When he finally meets her, he would perhaps feel some guilt or regret, but then even later, Yen betrays him by taking Ciri. The natural course of events would be for him to start thinking of Triss because at least at this point he can trust her. It would have set up season 3 perfectly. Geralt trusts Triss implicitly but also has some deep affection for Yen. He has kinda sorta, forgiven Yen for her betrayal but he doesn't trust her...plus he struggles with the idea of how real his affection actually is, due to the fact that him and Yen are supposedly  bound by the magic of the Djinn. WOW! I mean that's some good stuff right there. Emmy potential, depending on how you film it and how much of an emphasis it has in the show. If that isn't the perfect fantasy love triangle, I don't know what is.

I think the showrunners really messed up by not following through with the potential love triangle in season 2. I've heard George R.R. Martin quote William Faulkner half a hundred times by saying "the only thing worth writing about, is the human heart in conflict with itself." I think this would've qualified. But we'll see what comes next.

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