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Raised By Wolves Season 2 Episode 4 Discussion

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MOTHER is back!!!

Wow, so somehow mother pulls her eyes out of marcus' belly? Sticks them in and then just like that Marcus seems to be a regular human again while Mother becomes all powerful.

The Trust was incredibly stupid. I could easily conjure a scenario where the Trust decides to consider Mother and her family allied to the Collective but not part of the collective itself. This would allow the Trust to search for a cure for Paul while simultaneously looking out for the total well being of the collective. Basically like a non aggression treaty.

That being said, I can't imagine the Trust is completely gone. 

At this point Mother obviously thinks the serpent is or could soon be dangerous. Now she's doing test runs with a control chip so she can have direct power over it in case of an incident? Very interesting.

We finally get to see what was in the water! And it doesn't look friendly at all. I find it very peculiar that the weird acid water being can withstand the hazardous water but a few strikes to the head from Campion puts it down.

I was extremely sad to see Campion's android crush jump off the cliff after her mother tried to kill her. That was ridiculous. Of course the only thing that can happen now is for it to be fixed by that smart kid in Mother's family. From there she could have a personality of her own.

And last but not least we finally get a glimpse of the being that Father revived. His entire science project seems to have been a colossal bad idea of epic proportions. Nothing bad has happened yet but now it appears like Father may get some kind of upgrade, or perhaps Mother is gonna have some competition in the all powerful arena now.

Stay tuned...

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