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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc Episode 10 Discussion

Herbert Playz

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Ufotable has done an amazing job with this anime. Season 2's visuals are far and away superior to season 1.

But man these cliffhangers are killing me! 😅

This was another great episode. Tanjiro really went through it this ep. Its funny because in a lot of ways this episode actually reminded me of the first episode of season 1. Like when Tanjiro threw the axe high in the air and charged at Tomioka. There was a nice bit of deception there.

So flash forward to the present, when Tanjiro was throwing that stuff that was on the ground at Gyutaro, I'm sure none of us thought he was legitimately terrified but it was still fascinating to watch! I had no idea what was going to happen next and then BAM! The headbutt comes out of nowhere!

I can't believe I didn't see that coming! I actually laughed at that point, how could I have forgotten about Tanjiro's go to move. But of course the satisfying moment was when the other dude couldn't move and Tanjiro let's out that ROAR, his sword becomes engulfed in flame and he swings down hard....

I gotta admit, I thought he had him! I thought it was a done deal! I thought it should have ended right there! That would have been EPIC! The perfect gotcha moment ,after Gyutaro had been talking all of that noise.

But of course, Gyutaro had to recover and next thing we know everyone is jumping in on their last legs trying to finish these monsters off.

When Daki tries to intervene and help her brother and then Zenitsu just pops up out of nowhere...man...I knew he was gonna make an entrance but the way they animated it, was just amazing! Zenitsu has got to be one of the coolest Shonen characters. The way he is animated and depicted honestly he steals almost every scene he's in, especially when he uses his Thunderclap technique. The lightning and speed is just too cool. And he does all of this while he's sleep!

Inosuke gets a moment to shine too. I mean this dude was sprawled out on the ground, blood coming out of a hole in his chest a few minutes ago! His explanation for how he survived his chest wound is hilarious. He can easily move his internal organs at will? Poison doesn't work on him because he grew up in the harsh mountains???? 😆😆😆. His explanations are absolutely ridiculous but I loved it all the same.

And then of course Tengen Uzui the way he comes back fighting with one hand was great. I was starting to get One Punch man level vibes in regards to the action. I just wasn't expecting that level of intense action. Again the animation is just gorgeous. Uzui using sound to figure out how to fight Gyutaro is cool but that's besides the point. He's fighting with one hand while poisoned.

It was so good that I actually text my friend immediately and basically said you need to watch Demon Slayer immediately don't wait any longer....ohhh and there's a lot of screaming lol.

What a great episode. It felt like we were watching a movie level quality anime series.

And then the ending. Of course its gonna be another cliffhanger! 🤣

I honestly didn't mind as much though. The way they framed it, there's this huge explosion and then it all goes silent. We see it erupt from a distance with that sad music playing. Credits start to roll...and I'm just left with this hunger to see more!

I immediately knew that the ep was over even before the credits started to roll. High quality ending. Extremely artistic. Great, great job by Ufotable. Great anime. I can't wait for the season finale! I hear its supposed to be 45 minutes long.🤩

Good times!

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