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The Book of Boba Fett Episode 6 Discussion

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Wow another episode that is for the most part missing Boba Fett once again.

It was extremely nice seeing Grogo again. And Having Luke Skywalker show up was not a total surprise but I was a bit shocked at how much screen time they gave Luke and Grogo.

I wish Disney would just leave the Skywalkers alone at this point.

There is much more to Star Wars than the Skywalkers. That being said its still pretty cool to see young Luke.

I think its pretty obvious at this point that Grogo eventually decides to go back with Mando. Their partnership is pretty unique. I thought we were done with the Grogo plotline after the latest season of The Mandalorian but it appears not.

It was hilarious to see Luke is "force walking"(Is that a thing?) Grogo as they were talking in the forest. It seems like the  producers are doing everything they can to keep the cute Grogo vibes going. It makes me wonder how merchandise sales have been going for the character.

I was a little sad to see the sheriff get shot up by the mystery gunslinger. But I think he is actually still alive, he only got shot once while the deputy got shot about 3 times.

Seeing this mini spice war about to break out on a desert planet gives me some Dune vibes. The Hutts were wise to back out so as not to get involved in it.

I have a feeling after Boba Fett's side wins, the Hutts try to swoop in at the last second and takeover.

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