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First let me say this game looks great for a MMO. When you consider that its early access the visuals are even more impressive. My only problem with the trailer is that its extremely light on details.

  • How many players can play?
  • What is the full scope of gathering resources, building up an army and designing a base? 

It feels like this game came out of nowhere.

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So I went to the official website. They had some more pretty pictures and nice looking trailers but I wanted to know more about the gameplay systems. I was surprised to discover that there was no F.A.Q. or game details section readily available. I went over to the steam page for Myth of Empires and got a few more details but it still wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

So finally went on youtube and found a really great summary video of what you can expect when playing the game. It includes gameplay systems, impressions on character creation and first start. A very good summary. It gave me a decent feel for the game. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this game.


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