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AD, Melo lead Lakers Past Hornets Despite a Blown 14-point Lead Discussion


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I know I can't be the only one that can see that Carmelo Anthony is saving the Lakers season this year. His production has been absolutely amazing considering 3 years ago he was almost out of the league, which is absolutely ridiculous. This shows me just how bias NBA GMs and talent evaluators are. You have an all time great scorer somehow unable to find a team? GMs should be running to find a way to add these type of vets to their team. I mean think of that Dallas Maverick team that won the championship. Of course Dirk was unstoppable that year but on that team they had Shawn Marion, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter. They had a ton of highly skilled veteran players. The idea that GMs would pass on a chance to add these guys to their team is beyond me.

Right now talking about Russell Westbrook and how bad of a fit he is with the Lakers is all the rage right now. But NBA decision makers need to be taking some notes about what is working as well. And it should be apparent to everyone and I mean everyone that they made a huge mistake of not pursuing the services of Carmelo Anthony. If you have an all time great talent and he is still in NBA shape you should be looking for a way to add him to your team. Sometimes its just as simple as that. This does not need to be complicated.

If the Lakers are able to find an effective solution to their struggles with getting the most out of Westbrook they are going to be very scary for a lot of teams.

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